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Marıtıme Shıppıng & Ocean Freıght

Capable of offering port-to-port or door-to-door maritime shipping services to the countries worldwide, which are eligible for reciprocal trade, OGL operates regularly in weekly cruises by means of its standard containers, refrigerated containers, and special equipment containers.Get in touch... with us for knowing more about our fast, quality, and flexible policies in maritime shipping.

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As being a method recognized in the maritime traffic, the partial cargo transportations we apply for your loads with lower volumes and weights are among the services we offer by means of our regular cruises from the countries of America, Europe, Asia, and Middle East.

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Air Shipping è Air Freight

Holder of International Air Transport Association IATA license get in touch... with us for knowing more about our fast, quality, and flexible policies requiring speed and dynamism in air shipping.

THY’s ever-growing web of services also bring about advantages for our customers in this field. There is nowhere left having not been visited by 99%. Furthermore, thanks to the alternative of combined transportation, all sorts of cargoes of yours being landed via any one of the airlines may be followed up by our company for the receiver party via a fast and comfortable method in which they are combined with foreign customs clearance and deadline land transports upon your request.

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Land Shipping è Road Freight

OGL offers services to the countries in Europe, Balkans, Baltic, and Commonwealth of Independent States, and in Middle East by means of complete trucks and special equipments. Not only the complete truck services, but also the LCL (Partial) cargo shipping is also offered to the various countries in the aforementioned destinations.

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Project Shipping è Project Cargo

OGL offers services in the field of project shipping as your global solution partner. Successful shipping outcome is confirmed by way of integrating perfect planning with suitable equipments in your out of gauge heavy tonnage shipments related with construction project equipments, power stations, refineries, mines, railway and highway construction machines, and those related with your various investment projects. Please note that, every successful project arises from correct planning.

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Cross Shipping (Cross Trade - Transit Cargo)

OGL comfortably and securely offers its esteemed customers the opportunity to command their Third country transports from Turkey. You may just send us details for our solution offers in transit shipping.

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Warehousing Services

OGL is also capable of offering “Bonded Warehouse” services, in which goods and export commodities under customs surveillance may be placed. We may also meet general and special warehousing requirements for the Combustible / Inflammable substances thanks to the fire and protection mechanism specially established therein.